Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

2019-07-11 09:17

(Hetta lesarabrævið er ætlað tilflytarum, sum ikki skilja føroyskt)

No great author, or historical person said these words. It is a quote from the character Spock in the Star Trek series. Apart from being a Trekkie, the quote does, in my mind, so wonderfully to convey the importance of a multicultural and tolerant society. Made possible by the social-democratic model.

Each and every one of us is different. Our differences make up our characteristics in diversity! As a society we come together despite these differences, as towns, as neighborhoods, as friends and families. We cherish those differences and exalt that diversity in our own infinite combinations. Different yes, but instead of dividing us, they create truth and beauty in combining those differences.

Social democracy is important

I write this because people that come from elsewhere to call the Faroes their home, sometimes find it easier to read English, while learning the language of their new home. Also, I am a political candidate for the social-democratic party (Javnaðarflokkurin), so I will give you my opinion, as to why it is important to choose Javnaðarflokkurin, and myself, if you like my political stance.

The welfare state that we take for granted was built by struggle and hardship, and on the shoulders of great men and women that dreamed of an open, just and equal society. Despite where we’re born, despite ethnicity, income and religion, we all have the possibility and equal opportunity to make a good life for ourselves. Those that came before us made it possible for their children to have a better life and consequently, our children. Our healthcare, schools and welfare programs, all because of them!

A person from a lower income family has a greater chance to become a craftsman or study at a higher education, or to live a good life despite their income, then they would in a society without welfare.

Made possible by social democracy.

Why us, not them?

Faroese politics are a bit complicated compared to other countries. In addition to left and right spectrum, there is a conservative and liberal, and we also have union with or independence from Denmark. While the union and independence parties go on about which direction to go, a decision which lies solely with the people, others talk about economic and social issues.

Much of the conservative policies in Faroese politics seek to protect Faroese and Christian culture, but in hindsight, seem to mar and spoil the very tenets and virtues they promote. As these conservative policies work in the interests of corporations, instead of the people.

Neither Faroese culture nor Christianity seek to divide us on the basis of differences, nor do they work in the interest of the few. On the contrary, they welcome those differences in combining them, and work for a society of the many and for the many. Social democracy is much the same, working for an equal, just welfare state that celebrates our diversity in their combinations.

To our combinations and diversity

So, to our new countrymen; not despite the barriers and differences, but because of them, we are made richer in our diversity; choose a party that is fair, just, a champion of the workers and of the welfare state! For the coming election, Javnaðarflokkurin will work for better integration policies and after-school options in Faroese language and culture in order to enhance newcomers’ possibilities for a meaningful participation in society. For myself, I wish to implement an integration policy that encourages a smooth and respectful approach on both sides. An integration that broadens ones horizon and knowledge by combining our diversity, and that enhances our ability to learn from one another. Everyone has something to offer – it’s just a matter of making it possible for everyone to participate.

Jens Arni Leo Hammerfoss, political candidate for Javnaðarflokkurin