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To the people of Catalonia

To the people of Catalonia
att. Speaker of the Parliament

Tjóðveldi – The Independence Party of The Faroe Islands – hereby would like to express our full support to the right to self-determination for the Catalonian People and the right to freely decide upon their own future in the referendum on independence.

We firmly state that according to international law all peoples have the right to self-determination. We have noted and we express our admiration for the peaceful and democratic planning of the process towards the referendum with the respect of all parties and views.

It is therefore with deep regret and concern that we have also noted the actions of force that are trying to stop the democratic decision of the Catalonian people. We condemn these actions and call for all parties to respect and support the democratic process.

We send our best wishes to the people of Catalonia on your road to freedom and democracy.

On behalf of Tjóðveldi
Høgni Hoydal

Tórshavn, 27. September 2017