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Thank you for the meal, Paul and Pamela!

2014-08-04 16:30

Nom nom nom: Oh how lovely it is - being served a good piece of boiled whale meat for lunch on a Saturday. Well-cooked with tender blubber on the side, as well as newly plucked Faroese potatoes from outside our house. Thanks for the meal, Paul and Pamela!

As a Faroeman, I am somewhat delighted over the fact that we are still killing whale. The great taste - the good un-industrialised food. The shoal of pilot whales just swam in between the islands and we killed them – good news for many palates. And nothing has been wasted. - Pure food without any of the injected chemical stuff put there to maintain the taste. Only pure nourishment.

Yes, Pamela. This is one reason for why we still kill whales. The grind is good, the grind is great food and we like it.

As an attempt at getting the Faroese to believe some propaganda, it is being said that we are a threat for the whale population. No, we are not a threat towards any stock and neither are we hunting any stock. We thank a small number of pilot whales for their visit in our Faroese fiords.

The whales who do come for a visit and are killed, do not even add up to a single per cent of the pilot whale population. Even a first-class pupil in America aught to understand that this is no threat for any stock.

It is also said that the whale has a soul and that the whale suffers a painful death. First of all: the whale gets a pleasant death. One thrust and the whale is dead. Today we also have educated men to carry out this job. No, the whale does not suffer in pain.

It may very well be that the whale has a soul. The cows have one too – they are killed and eaten. The poor pigs (including the industrially fattened ones) have a soul too. Also they are killed. The sheep have a soul. They become tame and caring towards people, but oops! They too are killed and eaten.

The meat in the super market freezer is also a killed animal. Hey! And the hot dogs and Big Macs: they also originate from killed animals. By the way, in reality the grind is healthier than a hot dog or a Big Mac.

To make a long story short: I like grind – you do not like the fact that we eat it. But do allow us undisturbed to preserve Faroese culture and Faroese food, although you do not like it.

Yet again manga takk!: thank you for the meal, Pamela Anderson and Paul Watson ! It tasted great.