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New comers in Vága Kommuna/Municipality

2020-11-07 23:06

What should be done with integration? we need to continue improving the Faroese language learning not only with different levels, but also providing tools and training for teachers to teach Faroese as a second language.

We also need English-friendly information around the municipality from visible signs to our municipality’s website.
There is also a desire, for having opportunities for you to find jobs that are appropriate to your goals and ambitions.
These are just some of the few out of many.
Our political mark is in faroese "Framtíðarlistin" in english you could call it Anticipation.
We want to plan a head maybe in about fifty years time, or more.
Future goals in growth and in sustainability for Vága Kommuna.
I am a person who stribes to find the best of both worlds and I think integration, should be an integral part of the foundation of our municipality.
So if you are wondering who to vote on this coming tuesday the 10th november in Vága Kommuna/Municipality.

Vote for Jóan Magnus Magnusson

Framtíðarlistin - Ein nýggj byrjan
A new beginning