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A tribute to our newcomers, our Faroe Islands of many COLOURS

2019-04-09 12:37

Every year we are privileged to welcome new people to our beautiful country in the north atlantic.

They are coming from countries all over the world and according to statistics more than 1000 people are now living here not being faroese by birth.

It is very important for Faroe Islands that people from other contries come and live and work with us natives. They enrich our culture and expand our views and understanding of other people. Faroe Islands have always benefitted from new comers.

At the same time it is very important that we as a country can offer a smooth integration into our society with intensive language courses and inclusion in the communtity with regards to jobs and social commitments

I have good friends who have married a foreign woman and, luckily for us, they have decided to live in the Faroe islands.

However, we have a huge problem with our rules and regulations for the new comers. The rules are very strict on obtaining work permits and being allowed to stay in the Faroes.

In some cases you need to apply every year 4 years in a row and then the answer is that the time to process the application is 7 months.

During these 7 months you can not travel out of the country without having a stamp at the police office.

After 4 years you can obtain your permanent residence permit and then you need to spend 2 years on obtaining a passport and citizenship in the faroes. A most frustrating experience

This outfashioned and degrading procedure is all still controlled by danish authorities.

When I get elected to our Parliament I will do my utmost to make sure that the process will be simplified and more lenient towards people whom have married in the faroes or come to us in search of a good place.

I will endeavour to make sure that everyone that comes to the Faroes will be integrated fast and smoothly. I will do my utmost to create a multi coloured Faroes where racism is a word of the past and where we all are equal before God.

Jens Heri Bolstad Mortensen
Candidate for Sjálvstýri